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Your Operating System (OS) is a central part of your IT ecosystem – it’s often the foundation of what a lot of your technology infrastructure does. With the plethora of versions, generations and upgrades available for each OS from each vendor, it can be hard to know what every option encompasses and which would work best for you.

We can help.

We work with the industry leading technology providers including the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple to supply you with the OS that makes sense for your organisation, your devices and your users.

Our dedicated teams can offer you advice, breakdown the different benefits of each and provide the right OS for you.



The January 2020 end of support date for Windows 7 is fast approaching. After this point, those still running the obsolete OS leave themselves unprotected from threats and vulnerable to attacks. It’s more important now than ever before to migrate to Windows 10, to guarantee your organisation is secure, unharmed and future proofed.

Windows 10 is the best Windows yet, with added security, speed and modern features, while reflecting the simplicity and familiarity of the OS you know and love. Providing monthly software updates so your guaranteed your always running the latest features and protections, Windows 10 is available in a comprehensive range of highly compatible OS packages to suit just about every organisation.

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Boasting a super-fast and uniquely modern user experience, Chrome OS forgoes system updates and traditional OS features in favour of a web browser based platform, underpinned by the cloud. Built for Chromebooks, Chrome OS offers a refined, quick and easy-to-use interface that provides an alternative and efficient way for your end-users to get things done.


Created to effectively power Apple devices, macOS and iOS offer regular updates and come with a comprehensive collection of chic, intelligent and user-friendly apps for you to complete almost every task you could imagine. Built with security, connectivity and performance capabilities in their core, macOS and iOS offer sleek interfaces crafted to provide the most impressive experience for the users of Apple devices.

How we help

Our dedicated staff can help you get the most out of your OS

  • We listen to your needs and requirements and offer you advice on the best version of OS for your organisation and devices;
  • Offer consultations and software and volume licensing services;
  • Can provide full training and support to your key staff so you can make the most out of your software;
  • We offer a complete, personalised service – no matter what we do
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