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With the abundance of choice available and the confusing nature of the fine print of every agreements, Software licensing can be a time-consuming minefield to navigate.

But when it’s understood and managed correctly, the right software licenses can mean big savings to your institution, and a lot less hassle when it comes to the admin.

Our experts can guide you through the whole licensing process to help you get the most of out of your Software, to get your the best outcomes at the best value for money.

What we do

  • We can undertake a full licensing audit of your estate, which will let you know what you have, what you need and most importantly – what you don’t need.
  • We provide volume license agreements for major end user software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and many more – navigating what can often be a complex world.
  • We can manage upgrades and renewals on your behalf – saving you time and reducing the risk of your organisation from getting cut off and losing productivity.

How we achieve this

  • We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner in addition to holding other major accreditations from other leading names such as Adobe.
  • Skilled team of highly qualified licensing experts fully trained and accredited by the likes of Microsoft and Adobe.
  • We have over 25 years’ experience providing end user software and licensing to academic and public sector institutions.
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